Saturday, January 28, 2006

A Messy Business

Somehow considering the Isiah Thomas sexual harassment story leaves me feeling unwashed, dirty. My hair is soiled, my face greasy. A weekend camping trip has just ended. Or I've been sick on the couch with the flu or something. I need a hot shower, yet none is soon to be forthcoming.

There isn't any way we'll ever be able to truly know what really happened here, and quite frankly (apologies to Steven A. Smith), I just don't want to.

Professional sports in New York is all about glitch and glamour. And more so here than in any other city. Yet the people who find themselves in the middle are no better or worse than those who hold similar jobs in, say, Portland or Memphis. Or maybe Jacksonville. Aside from papparazi sightings in So Cal, no place even closely resembles New York for its largesse. And its all about power.

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Quest for this in New York is a phenomena unique to the city. To be on the back page. To be on page six. Thirst for this; lust for this corrupts as it is the attention one garners which labels power. Like Don Corleon granting favors on the day of his daughter's wedding does publicity favor power.

And it was for power at Madison Square Garden that all this messy business began. Who gets the credit? Who wields the most influence? Sadly, someone will win, someone will lose, or maybe everyone will lose. Nonetheless, a bloodletting will mark the turning point in this sad affair. Some will leave town as if they just lost one of those loser leave town matches they used to have in professional wrestling.

How appropriate, the pro wrestling angle here. Don't you think?


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