Monday, January 30, 2006

The Whisper

December 1990 Nashville, Tennessee

Christmas lights were all over the place at the Grand Ole Opry where the Winter Meetings were being held. I was strolling through the lobby when Arthur Richmond stopped me to chat. Arthur had left the Mets and was now working in the Bronx for the Yankees. As we parted he invited me to come up and have a drink with he and a friend of his in about an hour.

The suite was a private one and Arthur and his friend were already there. The friend was an old hand in the game and was now doing radio color for a west coast team. He spoke in gentle, even, yet confident tones. But he somehow seemed pensive without the body language, as if patiently waiting for something important he knew he would be doing.

I went up to the hospitality bar to get us three more drinks when Arthur leaned over to whisper something in his friend's ear. Joe Torre leaned over and smiled quietly at what Arthur said.

It wasn't long afterwards that Arthur Richmond kept whispering Torre's name to George Steinbrenner about managing the Yankees. A reign of Four World Series Titles for the New York Yankees with Joe Torre at the helm followed.


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