Thursday, February 09, 2006

The 100 Greatest Mets

I love the list of 100 Greatest Mets compiled by Greg and Jason at Faith and fear in Flusing Some key inclusions are Terry Leach and Kevin Elster that unknowing observers might leave out. I know its somewhat fan driven, but I'm still saddened to see George Foster left off.


At 1:42 PM, Anonymous G-Fafif said...


Thanks for endorsing the 100 (and us). George Foster was given some consideration, to be sure, and based on accumulated power numbers, one could make a case for him. At the end of the day, however, I found his historical role to be that of major disappointment, perhaps THE major disappointment in Mets history.

That's no knock on him personally, especially considering I don't know him. For the record, I never stopped cheering for the guy, at least until he made the comments that drove him out of town, but I assume those were made out of frustration.

Not that there was some grand scoring system employed in coming up with the 100, but I'd give him a point for "Get Metsmerized". I own an original copy.



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