Monday, February 20, 2006

Curt Gowdy and remebering how it was

For most of us 40 plus year olds, Curt Gowdy was the voice which brought us baseball. His passing today at 86 from Leukemia marks another passage of time. Gray hair is more plentiful. Chins are more numerous. And memories of a childhood need to be fondly remembered.
Unless you lived in a metropolitan area with a major league team you had little hope of seeing a big league ballgame on TV during the 1970's and you anxiously awaited Gowdy and Tony Kubek's Baseball Game of the Week Saturdays on NBC. Until the self-proclaimed super stations of Chicago and Atlanta came about, this was it. Or if you were a fanatic as I was, you huddled hopefully next to a huge radio for a signal on AM radio. Maybe as it was rare and precious and maybe even mysterious is what kept the allure going. One could only imagine the game, and perhaps this was the reason why just the sight of a big league field inspired awe and wonder. Unimaginable beauty was a freshly cut and marked field for the thirsty eye. Nevertheless it was Gowdy's voice which sparks memories for many like me. I for one feel fortunate to know the game this way.


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