Sunday, March 19, 2006

Faye Vincent Banned Steroids in 1991 Memo

From a favorite blog of mine, MLB Trade Rumors comes a interesting link to a little known fact about baseball's steroid policy. The Houston Chronicle's Richard Justice has a blog in which he dispells the notion that baseball had no policy on steroids. Justice notes a memo from former Comissioner Faye Vincent. Justice writes:
"Commissioner Fay Vincent sent the clubs a memo in 1991 reminding them that players were forbidden from taking any illegal substance. He specifically mention steroids in the memo and encouraged the clubs to take a get-tough policy on players thought to be using steroids.
What could a team have done if it suspected a player of using steroids? Probably nothing.
Vincent simply wanted to be on the record as letting the clubs know that steroid use was against the rules and that they shouldn't be afraid to confront a player.
There was no testing for steroids until 2003 (after being part of the 2002 labor agreement).
The notion that Bonds wasn't breaking any rules is ridiculous. He was. He knew he was."
My lawyer friends might be able to add some insight to this, but this may well serve as a legal document of sorts. And it may indeed be some additional ammo for Bud Selig to go after Bonds and others.


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