Thursday, March 30, 2006

My Wednesday in Florida

I had lunch with Gary Carter after the morning workout of his St. Lucie club. I also caught up with long-time Met Minor League Instructor Bobby Floyd. Its Floyd's 21st year with the organization and is a solid baseball man........Mets minor league starters are limited to 70-75 pitches in April. There's been an emphasis over the last several years to keep pitch counts down to prevent injuries. As more and more teams are going with 12 pitchers, its clear the emphasis in baseball is toward developing more relievers to create favorable match-up after going through the line-up twice. The days of 300 inning seasons may be a thing of the past........Former Met catcher, Barry Lyons, lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. He received assistance from BATS, an organization designed to help anyone who's ever been in baseball get through financial hardships..........Bobby Ojeda is with his old friend, Rich Gedman again. They're Pitching Coach and Manager, respectively of an independent team in Worcester, Massachusetts........Howard Johnson tells me Tim Teufle is in private business that recently took him to China...........Paul LoDuca's ready. See ejection yesterday..........The Minor league umpires aren't working this spring and are looking for better working conditions. The season starts next week for many leagues and replacements may have to start the season.....Former major league catcher Sal Butera was at minor league camp yesterday watching his son Drew play. His a Met farmhand.


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