Thursday, March 23, 2006

Opening Day

My freind and mentor, Al Jackson, has a favorite saying about baseball.

"The three best days are the first day, the last day and pay day."

No kidding about pay day. It was even good for me. But anyone who'd ever been part of the game knows there's something magical about Opening Day. My first Opening Day was in 1985. Doc Gooden started and Gary Carter won it with a homerun in extra inings. We didn't use the term, "walk-off homerun" yet.

I've never though much about those throwing out the first ball ceremonies much either. The only one that really carries any weight with me is maybe the one where President Bush threw out the first ball at Yankee Stadium afer 9/11.

But April 3rd will be different. Its a day game, so I'll be in class teaching kids about Biology. And maybe its a good thing, too. When Jesse Orosco and Carter go out before a full stadium to throw out the first pitch, I can only imagine the roar. I'd shiver and my eyes would tear.


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