Friday, March 03, 2006

Subtle Signs of Spring...and good one's, too

Posting has been light this week with the high stress of FCAT Testing in Florida upon us here. Creativity has been at a low point but, hey, TGIF! But as Friday springs hope eternal, I must share some things that are good for Mets fans.

Item One: Pedro Martinez hasn't missed any of his throwing sessions. He seems to be an on an every other day system. And because he's able to make each time, its indicative that imflammation has not returned to his great toe. It should be cautious to note that Rick Peterson indicated that Pedro puts an unusual amount of stress on his toe, describing it as violent. Nonetheless, as yesterday's session indicated , he's clearly progressing. Spend no time at all worrying that he's behind. Pedro seems to me that he dosen't need alot of spring training.

Item Two: Carlos Beltran batted second yesterday. If Randolph were going to bat him third this year, he would have done so yesterday. Having Lo Duca bat second was the sexy pick, and I maintaining he'll serve the Mets better batting down in the line-up. The thought that Beltran needs to bat third to justify the salary or some kind of silly cornerstone status needs to be cast aside. Keith Hernandez is in the booth now and the rest are gone. Derek Jeter frequently bats second in the Bronx. And the combination of Jose Reyes and Beltran at the top may prove to be one of the most explosive in franchise history.

Item Three: Reyes walk in his first at-bat in an intrasquad game. It indicated maturity and a change in focus at the plate. An off-season to think of such things can be helpful. Heaven knows the media talked about it enough, but a Reyes who shows NL pitchers he's taking more pitches will see more good pitches to hit. More extra base hits will result.

Item Three: Henry Owens. Every report has him impressing. He'll be making a contribution this year.

Item Four: Xavier Nady's hands. All the hand grip exercises on the planet won't develop the kind of hand strength Nady apparently has. Its a gift. Some great one's have such things. Lee Mazzilli had the strongest hands I remember. The firmest hand shake I ever recieved was from hockey great, Brett Hull. Its his fourth year in the big leagues, and he's been a hit machine thus far.

Item Five: Matt Perisho's four pitch inning yesterday, courtesy of Matt Cerrone's Metsblog. My kingdom for a lefthanded set-up man or two.


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