Sunday, March 26, 2006


A voice called out to Howard Johnson as he grasped my hand and pulled at my neck when I said hello to him for the first time in 15 years. One of the young Met pitchers had come down and pitched on the AAA field for an inning. He'd obviously befriended Howard during his time at big league camp. And Johnson shared a few kind, knowing words with the young man who was trying to make the big club. Howard Johnson..mentor. I'm not surprised, but I'd forgotten how kind HoJo was to people. And how generous he was with his time.......Joe McClvaine shook my had in the Press Room before the game while we ate lunch with Marty Noble. We shared lots of stories.........Ray Ramirez and I were trainers together in the minors with the Mets. He greated me warmly, too. The Mets are in good hands. I can tell............Gary Cohen and I swapped storied about the days of the 80's and talked of his moved to TV and old friends such as Howie Rose who I'll see tomorrow...........Randy Niemann and I swore not to tell where all the bodies are buried. What a good guy he is..............Jay Horwitz said Charlie Samuels looks younger than me. I'll get even. Somehow..........Cohen had apparently told Ron Darling I was around and he gave me a big hug, too on his way up to do the game on TV........Its not easy being a Hall of Famer, and Gary Carter had to hold court before a game with well wishers. But when he realized it was me, we had a very nice hello, with him telling everyone insight that I'd taken care of him.....Did you see the play Anderson Hernandez made today from the grass to start a DP? Wow........and two big hits from Jose Reyes, too......Pedro's fine. See snap throw to first during the first. That was really stressful on his toe........They look good. Real good. Keep fingers crossed.


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