Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tuesday in Port St. Lucie

As the chattering classes traveled a few miles north to Jupiter to witness the game against the Marlins, I stayed behind to watch Gary Carter manage. I snuck up on Gary today and shouted out a private joke that he recognized, and told me, "Sikesie, thats just perfect." He laughed loudly,again telling everyone in sight I'd been the one who kept him together as a Met. Gary is a firey sort of manager, continually engaging his players. His teams will take on his personality, just as Met fans remember him as a player. Like Keith Hernandez, I'm surprised to find him here, but am looking forward to finding out more tomorrow when I have lunch with Gary.......In the Oh, thees times they are a changin' department: After Sunday's game, fans approached Omar Minaya at his seat behind homeplate for autographs and photos. Lots of them. No other Met GM has ever had to do this.........By orgabization policy all minor league players will wera their socks the same way with pants ending just below the knee. Coaches and managers as well. It looks odd to me on Carter and HoJo, but thats just me. The discipline and uniformity is a very, very good idea, though. And it demonstrates and organization moving impressively......I'm very pleased with the way the minors train and go about their business. Their exteremly organized and focused....Carter's St Lucie team won with a walk-off homerun in the ninth. I wished I had a scorecard so I could relay the young man's name. They played hard and hustled the whole game.....With Aaron Heilman's move to the bullpen, it prompts several things to remember. First, the staff that leaves in April is never the staff that exists in Setember. Second, with the Mets signalling they will begin with 12 pitchers, it demonstrates just how much they will be relying on their bullpen. Third, and in conjunction with point two, this shows the Mets realize they have starters who don't necessarily go far into the game. Six relievers will be needed to get the ball to Billy Wagner in the ninth. Another indication about how times have changed. Ten pitchers were considered the norm 20 years ago. Sometimes even nine...........When behind, look for Randolph to pinch hit for Anderson Hernandez in the 8th spot and the pitcher. Its an effective way to use his bench and as Jose Reyes has proved to be a fairly good RBI man, it plays to the Mets' strengths.


At 2:06 AM, Anonymous G-Fafif said...

Great observations, Bob. Enjoying them a great deal.

Saw you tonight, sort of. Picked up the monster 9-DVD '86 World Series set (all 7 games, Game 6 vs. HOU and assorted extras) and kept finding you in the middle of celebrations, accepting your ring and so forth. Hey, I kept thinking, I know that guy. Or at least his blog.


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