Friday, April 14, 2006

And emerging disconnect

Perhaps history is repeating itself. Ten games have yet to played by any major league team of yet, but already the New York Mets are five games ahead in the loss column of their chief rivals, the Atlanta Braves. One can't help but still say its awfully early, but a team's record and performance is what it is. This team is awfully good and is playing awfully well. And comparisons are already being made to the last two Mets Division Champions of 1986 and 1988.

All indications are in place for a team which may run off and hide. Davy Johnson said during spring training prior to the 1986 season that he wanted to dominate the season. But the 1986 team didn't really get off to a good start at all. It wasn't until the now legendary four-game sweep at the end of April in St. Louis against Whitey Herzog's Cardinals did the route begin. The 1988 team did indeed get off to a terrific start similar to this year's version, yet an almost two-month malaise during the summer was off set by mediocrity among division rivals.

So it must be noted that mediocrity is emerging among the NL East teams this season that may under value actually how good this Mets team may be. Domination has already been demonstrated amongst the divisions lower echelon with the Braves and Phillies already showing early signs of holes. Its is this weakness of division rivals which may shadow to an extent how good this team really is and be disconnected from some acclaim until the post-season.


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