Monday, April 03, 2006

Another Opening Day to Remember

It just had to be rainy and overcast, didn't it? As I waited for the Tradition Field elevator with Keith Hernandez after last Thursday afternoon's game with the Cardinals someone commented how beautiful the Florida day had been. But Hernandez aptly added, "Yeah, but Opening Day Monday in New York will be cool and overcast...just perfect."
Indeed, Mex. It certainly was.
And a win, a good way to start out all things 2006. Glavine's solid start. Getting the lead and never relinquishing it. Good first impression by Paul LoDuca and Xavier Nady's 4-4. David Wright's homerun and solid play at third to get the first out in the ninth. And speaking of the ninth, Billy Wagner getting the last three outs, the final on a fine throw from Carlos Beltran to get Jose Vidro at second.
We did a timeline of life on earth today in my Biology classes, and I thought often of how it was going,what it must be like. And I wasn't disappointed by what I found when I arrived home for the ninth.
I saw faces smiling on my television from the stands, many of you using your video phones and showing the game to friends and family who weren't there. ESPN's Jeff Brantley said how loud it was. And its like no other NL park. Besides, its New York. Its supposed to be loud.
Billy Wagner's trip in from the bullpen, Wright's play to get the first out, Wagner's strike-out of Matt LeCroy and Beltran's throw to get the third out a ninth to remember forever.
Happy Opening Day everyone!


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