Saturday, April 01, 2006

The familiar smell......

...of southern pine burning in the northwest Florida woods was welcome as I drove along I-10 with an hour left of my drive. It was calming, a welcome reminder of home that I needed. I waffled about staying another day, but sometime around mid-morning Friday I decided to head home. A full two days of calm seemed appealing after the weeks' events.
The drive offered much time to ponder things. It was nice sitting in the dugout again and rubbing elbows with people of my past. It was nice to be warmly greeted and remembered. But its nice to be home now. I'm grateful to have been part of the game, but equally grateful the place I find myself now.
Ron Darling asked me Thursday if I liked teaching, and I said yes. And without reservation. I don't need to be part of baseball anymore as I had during the agonizing first few years out in the early 90's. I need to do something else now. One of them is to write about the time and the game itself. One might call it closure.
I've found I don't need it anymore, the everyday grind of the season. Building another life near family is what I'm sure most have found beyond baseball, and I'm finding it now. Finally.
Yes, I'll go back again. And I'm a Met fan now, too. I can find it on my own terms though, and determine how it will be. I know I badly need to write and finally have it as a big part of my life and future. I always knew that I would write, and it was baseball which brought me to it full circle.
Off to complete the book. Wish me luck.


At 9:01 AM, Anonymous shawn said...

Good luck, buddy.


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