Monday, April 17, 2006

Finding Jorge Julio...

Did anyone bother to notice that Kris Benson was beaten yesterday by the Angels? No? Oh, thats right....having too much fun giving Julio the what for at the games this weekend. And you writers were having too fun banging out that same old crap criticizing Omar Minya for the trade in the first place. Lets not let practicalities get in the way of New York negatives.
Shea Stadium has never been kind to relievers. And although I'm not on the side of the fans in this, I know there's no way I can change it. But I think Bill Schroeder from the Brewers' called it as it is. Its hazing. You want to see them do better and will quickly jump on the bandwagon. Perhaps Jorge Julio will find himself. I for one really believe it was worth it.
No writer has really indicated just how much of a problem that Anna Benson had become. No one will go on record. Her public statements most ceratinly caused problems in the clubhouse and nevermind the wives room. Recall her statement about getting revenge on her husband for cheating on her by servicing everyone in the team photo. Nice. Classy. That went over well in the wives room I'm sure. And guys, I'll bet you got an earful on the ride home after the game.
This couldn't go on. Anna would have found a way to diflect attention to herself somehow during this great start by now.
Move on, folks. We'll find Jorge somewhere down to road.


At 6:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone is suggesting that Anna wasn't a problem. What people are having a hard time with is what the Mets got for a more than serviceable starter. Two good prospects would have been better than Julio. People have little faith in Willie's ability to manage a bullpen ( see last year) and altho this years is better, Willie has a tendency to go with "his gut" which doesn't always prove to be the best decision. Saturday was the perfect example. Down by 3 runs, the Mets might still have had a chance. But Mr. Randolph and Mr. Julio saw to it that that wasn't possible. The less questionable options Willie has, the happier the fans! I can only hope that Willie realizes yesterday was an aberration and now doesn't have "faith" in Julio. We need a bit more of a body of work before Julio can pitch in close games.

At 10:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I completely agree with the comment above. No one is going to miss Anna, but the Mets could have gotten more for him. I also blame Saturday loss completely on Willie. From allowing Julio to throw the ball in what was still a close enough game, to skipping Trax in the rotation. It threw Trax off his schedule and it showed. If Willie's stubborness, disregard for his pitcher's arm and inability to manage a bullpen persist, I can't see him lasting that much longer at Shea no matter how many games the Mets are winning. They sure aren't winning games on any decisions Willie iz making. They are simply slugging their way to victories. These next three games I can see Bobby Cox exploiting Willie's managerial weaknesses. Prepare to see the bench and the pen misused.


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