Sunday, April 09, 2006

Its the sum of the parts......

...which matter most.

For some odd reason, I'm unable to get Mets games with the Marlins as I did last season. So I was reduced to following the game on MLBcast. Its pretty cool. One of the features is counting the number of pitches per at bat. So I was able to follow Paul Lo Duca's 11 pitch time at bat to lead of the 7th.

Dontrelle Willis had been masterful through six, only needing 66 pitches. He had a 2-0 lead and the advantage. It would take, well, hardball to snatch a victory from one of the games best and most dynamic starters. Enter Lo Duca to lead off the seventh.

To look at Lo Duca's stats leaves one unaffected, but there's the game within the game that the men who play it know oh so well. Keith Hernandez was one man who knew this game and played this game as well it could be played. And I can imagine his thoughts favored Paul Lo Duca leading off this inning. His reputation as one of the game's finest situational hitters preceded his arrival. Lo Duca didn't dissapoint and singled after laboring Willis through 11 pitches. Carlos Beltran then got his first of two key crucial base hits in rallies for the game-this one, the all-important second hit during an inning and then the lead-off hit in the game deciding ninth.

This obviously brings us to David Wright, who got behind in the count until hitting a triple to right to tie the game. Somehow you knew Wright would deliver in the ninth and continue to establish himself as a player to be recond with in the National League this season. Wright already has 9 RBI this season. He's making those observers who predicted him to be the MVP look awfully good.

Tom Glavine's start was again solid. Duaner Sanchez pitched two innings of solid, scoreless relief. Billy Wagner had a scoreless ninth, throwing 12 of 19 strikes.

But you all saw the game, didn't you? You don't really need a recap. I envy those of you who were part of a full stadium today, and wish I'd been there, too. We would have both seen an example of a team victory, witnessing several parts contributing to the win. And it will be the sum of these parts which will matter most as the season progresses


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