Saturday, April 22, 2006

Oh, we go

And aren't we all shocked to find out there was drinking going on at a party for 3rd base coach Manny Acta? And its Jorge Julio's upside down Margarita which gets all the press. Nevermind that Julio's last three outings have been very, very good. Not with visions of Julio's poor outing which contributed to one of the Mets' five losses still dancing in everyone's heads.
And of course the inevitable comparison to the 1986 club comes to mind. Um, didn't they win 108 games? And then another 8 to win the World Series. I don't recall witnessing any recreational shots which required and accompanying stupid human trick along with it, but I'd be shocked if one or two-maybe-had not taken place. This writer admittedly recalls some similar behavior of himself in the past.
I'm going to have a hard time getting all worked up about these revelations. Omar Minaya's reported indignation notwithstanding. Fortunately the piece included Jay Horwitz denial of Minaya's aforementioned indignation.
Can anyone really blame Julio for letting his hair down a bit with all the crap he's gone through of late. Maybe the, ahem, blow-out, allowed him to loosen up the old sphincter enough to find his release point again.
During WWII, British Bomber Command used to ply crews with rum during debriefing sessions after hazardous bombing runs. Outings as described in this Rush and Malloy bit are common place in baseball, have been for some time and will be for a long time to come. Its one way in which camaraderie is established and maintained for a grind like no other. There's certainly no comparison to combat, and I for one give thanks for men as milblogger, Mudville Gazette states, "Good people sleep peacably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf." In off duty hours I'm sure many of you have witnessed groups of soldiers and sailors enjoying evening as these.
Drinking to excess on a regular basis is clealy not somthing one would ever want as part of their life. I can personally attest to this. But good men can get together for an evening and be bad boys.

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