Saturday, April 29, 2006

One down.....

Readers must notice my frequent utilization of ................Its even in my blog title. I often ask myself why is this so. But I know its intended to add emphasis and drama to the obvious. And the obvious for the Mets and their fans is that even in a series that is not even a month old, a sweep is something that's needed badly to rid themselves of the demons the past.
Last night was a beginning and hope is enhanced knowing that John Thompson and Kyle Davies will be taking the mound for the Braves these next two games at Turner Field. So with the Chipper Jones home run in the sixth which made it a one run game being answered in dramatic fashion by the Carlos Delgado sac fly and David Wright homerun in the ninth, a message was made clear. These Mets won't be wilting in the shadows on the Jones boys in Turner Field and will bring it for a full nine innings.
Willie Randolph may been entertaining thoughts of removing Pedro Martinez after facing both Jones' in the sixth, but the Chipper Jones two-run homer which made it 3-2 changed everything. Martinez answered quickly by striking out Andrew Jones to stem the fresh wound. Then he went on to quiet the Brave bats in the seventh enabling Randolph to put the ball in the hands of his most reliable relievers in Duaner Sanchez and Billy Wagner.
Before Sanchez' easy eighth, Jose Reyes probably went out to short thinking about bunting to lead off the ninth to get his team another run. With Reyes' speed, any ball that is an effort for a pitcher to reach is a hit. Paul LoDuca's unselfish team play continued with a quality bunt to get Reyes to third after his stolen base for Delgado. Delgado delivered his 68th career sacrifice fly in front of Wright's second homerun of the game.
This remarkable performance by the top half of the line-up in the ninth on the road shows focus on winning beforehand and proverbial killer instinct. Done once during the course of a season, it becomes easier and easier to duplicate as it draws on.


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