Saturday, April 22, 2006

Pedro's Greatness as told by The Mex

"When he missed, he missed in," were the words Keith Hernandez spoke in 1989 one evening in Dodger Stadium when observing Frank Viola's mastery in the dugout between innings.
He spoke with the same and more reverance tonight for Pedro Martinez tonight about his outing in San Diego. Hernadez continues to offer the same commentary for you in the same way he spoke in the dugout when he was a Met. I told him as much this spring and hope he continues to. His insightfulness goes well beyong what most analysts are capable of.
And with the good finish by Jorge Julio tonight to seal a 7-1 win, another dominating start by Martinez continues to make Omar Minaya awfully, awfully good.
There are no words at all to describe how it feels to make this team my own once again after a decade of giving up this wonderful game all together.


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