Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thats So random for April 27th

Toby Hyde is doing yeoman's work over at Mets Minor League Report . His site is truly your one-stop shopping for day-to-day action in the Mets minor league system. Hyde's spot is part of an inovative idea by Matt Cerrone of Metsblog to host blogs on his site. He indicates which bloggers have recently updated and its easy to join. Matt's going pro and this appears to be a great idea. Make sure you keep Metsblog on your favorites and go there daily............Brian Bannister's injury does not look good and I expect him to be placed on the DL...........I predict that if the Mets decide to place Carlos Beltran on the DL, Randolph and Minaya will summon Lastings Milledge. These two aren't afraid to make moves like these and shouldn't be. Milledge is an immediate impact player, and can provide offense right away. Its rare that this type player is available in your system, and his addition will be like acquiring another bat for free during the season.......The Mets bullpen won that game yesterday, the Wagner homerun to Bonds notwithstanding. I still don't like not using Paul Lo Duca when he's not starting..............Veteran outfielder Michael Tucker wasn't signed just to play in the minors. I'd wondered if the Mets were interested in Lenny Harris. With Jose Valentin continuing to struggle, look for Tucker's name to start being mentioned sooner rather than later. Its imperitive with fewer bench players that a left-handed bat be on the bench that can hit the ball out of the ballpark.


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