Sunday, April 09, 2006

That's SO random...... a an expression I've learned from HS students that they aptly use when one of their contemporaries says something, well, off the wall. I love it. And I've stolen it and made it part of my own verbal and written repertoire. So you can expect to see it when I just want to make some observations about items of interest................Baseball is a team sport unique to all others in that games and its preperations occur daily. Considering spring training and a hopeful run into post-season play, this routine can cover as much as 8 months. The relationships that exists between the team during this grueling, unparalleled grind are paramount to success. People often scoff at the word, "chemistry" when its spoken and linked to a team's fortunes. But anyone who's ever been part of a season can attest the value in chemistry to the point its almost indescribable. This being said, lets consider one Julio Franco. Farnco was batting .437 in Mexico after 110 games when the Braves purchased his contract in 2001. Franco had played the previous season in Korea and had two season long stints in Japan as well. The experiences Franco garnered playing in other countries helped shape this remarkable man into becoming one of the game's most respected players. Witness his efforts at peace-keeping when he personally restrained Jose Guillen last week after being hit by Pedro Martinez. Even Frank Robinson stood aside while Franco consoled the temperamental Guillen. And it was Franco who got Carlos Beltran to acknowledge the Shea Stadium crowd that same night after his 7th inning homerun. And it should come as no surprise that Anderson Hernandez' locker is next to Franco's either. Watch for this man's influence throughout the season. By the way, Franco has never played in a World Series....................Both Billy Wagner and Pedro Martinez struggles can be attributed to the understandable loss of innings in Florida. Don't worry. Note Pedro's strike-outs he registered on the black......Wasn't it a shame to waste that brilliant diving catch by Hernandez last Wednesday?................It seems Adam Rubin agrees with me about fans being unfair to Carlos Beltran. Imagine that, eh? A blog at the Daily News. I met Rubin at spring training and he's a very nice fellow. He actually knew about my blog, too. Hopefully the powers that be at NYDN will allow Adam to link some of the best Mets blogs like Metsblog or MBTN.NET or Faith and Fear in Flushing or the Great Metstradamus or Dave Murray or ME for heaven's sake. (Ed note: Errrrr, Bob. You egotistical bastard. You don't even have any on your own page yet!) True enough. I plead ignorance into how to get it done............. Anyway the best Mets reporting is being done by Rubin and my old friend, Marty Noble. Look for Marty's work at Although he's had a break from the beat, Marty's is the dean of those covering the Mets this year. Good addition by and bad subtraction by Newsday...............I'll be shocked if Kaz Matsui wears a Mets uniform this season............If David Pinto can have Curling, I can have NASCAR. I'll be flipping back and forth this afternoon between the Mets and the Samsung-RadioShack 5oo from the Texas Motor Speedway. Baseball could take lessons from the way NASCAR markets itself.


At 6:55 AM, Blogger Mets Guy in Michigan said...

Thank you for the kind words, Bob! You made my day.

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