Sunday, April 23, 2006

Twenty years ago tonight.....

...the Mets went to sleep in the Marriott Motel directly next to Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri. It was an off day, having flown to St. Louis after a 7-1 win over the Pirates in New York. We'd won 5 in a row after a troublesome start of 2-3, including a bad loss to the Cardinals on Opening Day at Shea. A ball had gotten by Howard Johnson in the 13th. The five wins were healing, but a four game series with a Cardinals team that we'd not yet proven we could beat with any consistency awaited. The winning streak had brought us even at 7-3.
Perhaps other teams were already taking offense to the swagger and were becoming weary at the domination. After taking a five 5-0 lead in the fifth on Tuesday night, Pirate pitcher, Bob Walk knocked down Kevin Mitchell. Bobby Ojeda was making his first start and badly wanted to retaliate. Davey said no. Not now. Maybe another time. Davey always seemed to say no, but never got in the way of letting the staff police as they saw fit.
The winning streak notwithstanding, memories of the 1985 struggle with the Cardinals was in everyone's mind as sleep came restlessly the night before a series that would eventually be the signature of one of baseball's most famous teams.


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