Monday, April 17, 2006

Where's Mex?!

Ryan McConnell raised the question about the absense of Keith Hernandez from the booth on SNY telecasts. When I met with Keith this spring he told me he didn't want to do a whole season and they agreed on 100 games. Ron Darling is to do the rest. Recently remarried, I imagine that this was a weekend that he wasn't scheduled to work. Although I am unable to get all Mets broadcasts- yesterday I received the Brewer's feed on my Cox Cable baseball package- I've seen both Darling and Hernandez work. Obviously having a personal relationship with them both leaves me a bit prejudiced, but I fell their both very, very good. Both of them convey insights about the game much the same as they did when they played. I particularly liked Darlings advise to Jorge Julio saturday of , "Never let them see you hang your head." This was a particular mantra among Met starters of his day. David Cone often yelled at opposing pitchers from the dugout to, "throw it and hang your head!"


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