Sunday, April 30, 2006

Writers versus Tannenbaum/Mangini

It seems to me that the only people upset about the Jets not getting Reggie Bush are scribes like Steve Serby and Gary Myers. Myers also ripped the Jets for not taking Matt Leinart.
History hardened Jets fans cheered at D'Brickashaw Ferguson's selection. One Jet fan actually pointed at his head to indicate smart choice. Most of ESPN's analyst seemed to understand what Mike Tannenbaum and Eric Mangini were doing, not only accenting the positives, but realizing that the Saints price was beyond what anyone could pay. The second pick of Ohio State center, Nick Mangold signaled the Jets know there are no quick fixes and are indeed building for the future. With a shut-down left tackle and a center perhaps now representing cornerstones of an offensive line that plays in cold weather, essentials could be in place for a decade.
In Oregon's Kellen Clemens the Jets have their quarterback of the future. Although in Rich Cimini's assessment indicates questionable arm strength, ESPN's Ron Jaworski emphatically endorsed the pick and showed tape of the kind of high quality throw Clemen's will be making in the NFL.
It seems that Woody Johnson hired two sober, sharp football guys to run his football team. And they don't read the newspaper.


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