Monday, May 01, 2006

Inside that umpire thing yesterday in the Bronx

When the normally recalcitrant Mike Mussina became verbally engaged with rookie umpire,Adam Dowdy yesterday while leaving the field after the top of the fifth, Joe Torre knew he had to take action. In danger of losing his starter who was dealing at that point, he quickly sought to change the attention from the beleaguered umpire to himself. Another example of a manager protecting his player, Torre did what he is paid to do. Quickly gesturing by showing three fingers was all it took to get Mussina out of the fray and keep him in the game.
Toronto manager, John Gibbons, made certain no undue advantage would be had when he was tossed for arguing after Alex Rodriguez was walked to put the Yankees ahead in the next half.
Torre and Gibbons are similar in demeanor, and have to go outside themselves somewhat to get tossed from a ballgame. Neither of them use foul language much at all. Both demonstrated yesterday savvy in-game judgment.


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